So last night my big blue alienware system was being all instable so I'm like...lets update a few thigns and see how it feels

Try to update the bios...and FAIL! now all my current email (didn't get a change to back it up) is sitting on there.

Initially I thought it was the video card (since Josh suggested that the beeping could be that...but after putting in a new video card that I picked up such luck...

Got home...installed sliced by the computer case (on my elbow). then the computer wouldn't even turn on I'm like screw it I have to mow the lawn.

It actually seemed to go pretty Fast...Dave stopped by and checked out the new car when I was almost done and I got a complement by my friendly neighbor lady.

So now it's now...and I'm gonna get an electrition or somebody in here to check out the voltage levels or something cause this how has just eaten way to much in the way of hardware...maybe it's just timing...but still...this seems like a load of crap.

On a good note, My oldest sister Cara is coming sometime on Sunday and with her she'll be bringing my youngest brother Isaac. Isaac will be haning out until thursday morning when my dad and him will be taking off to...utah? I help out my youngest sister Lovina with her new baby (yet to be born I believe). Fall Out Boy is Saturday..and I'll be taking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednsday off!


Although before then I gotta finish my import scripts for work...and that's no fun at all...I hate data transformation.