fun weekend ahead.

So I took my car to Acura to try to get rid of this strange whistling/humming sound that happens around 70 mph or so...I drove around with the service manager for awhile and was not able to get it to make the sound.

They did tighten the hood and increase the posts that the hood rests on so it should, in theory, be more firm...but who knows? Hopefully that fixes it.

I then picked up my friend Seth, since his wife had to work late and they commute to Des Moines together. We went to a guitar shop, where I saw a double acustic guitar...a 12 string and a six string all on the same looked pretty cool. We came back here and hung out for awhile. Bri arrived and We then were going to walk down the street a ways and while we were coming out of my house, Dave drove by, so i called him up and we all ended up going down to Chef's Corner Kitchen for dinner. It was yummy.

After that dave took off home, seth and bri headed back up to ames and I retrieved my voicemail from Brandon. I called dave and invited him along to go to "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" which turned out to be a silly, but funny flick. I laughed quite a few times.

Tonight I filled up my gas tank for the first time in my new car. Now it starts sucking money out of my pocket....

So tomarrow I should finish cleaning (with enough time to play a little backgammon, I hope) and then head over to the House of Bricks and see Fall Out Boy perform. I know that a few people are coming to that show and I expect it to be really cool. The show starts a bit early (5:PM), but it is an all ages show, so what can you expect.

Then sunday, my oldest sister Cara and her family (hubby and 4 kids) will be coming through Des Moines on their way west back to Seattle. So they'll get to see the house for the first time. They'll also be bringing my youngest brother Isaac and he'll be spending the time here through Thursday morning. I'm pretty excited. It's nice to know that someone actually wants to come and hang out with me.

So it's a 5 day weekend! Woo! I dunno what we're gonna do with the time...but it'll probably be fun :)