Late Nights

So after failing on flashing the bios of my 2 year old system (thus frying the motherboad) a week or so ago, I have finally gotten around to doing something about it. I have been limping around using my webmail and carting my work laptop (it's actually pretty nice) to and from work so I can have something at home.

I took the Hard drives out of Workhorse (my alienware) and put them into Blackness (previously my gaming machine) and disabled Blackness's current hard drive.

so I got that to work on monday (after staying up till two am) and then came back to work on it today (to many errends yesterday (including mowing the lawn which always makes me freaking tired)). I tried to repair install but it kept locking at the entering of the reg code (surprise surprise) so I finally did a full install tonight (not removing all the files from C).

I then learned quite a bit about file security on windows xp (which when I go home I can be helpful to Joseph and his care for my parents PC) and was finally able to get into my old profile to get my email! I knew I was only missing a days worth of email from since my last backup, but that's plenty.

So I copied those files out and now am installing windows XP AGAIN so that it's a clean install and I can set it up right this time without any silly conflicts and other stupid crap that it would bitch about.

It's really to bad that the Alienware computer is gonna be retired...cause well...the wiring job in there is just freaking awesome. And just for peoples curiousity, it's failure was MY fault, not due to shoddy construction. If I was going to buy another gaming machine I'd probably buy it from them (except I don't like thier current big case, I think it's ugly).

Tonight has been, install, wait, chat with courtie, install, wait, chat with courtie. Installing windows xp doesn't seem so terrible when I've got another computer to dink around on.

Hopefully, soon enough, I'll be done with this and back to normal.
Oh and one more thing, I really really hate when companys put the reg code to windows on the computer's freaking annoying to read and then input.