Clean clean clean clean

so I, after being lazy for a while, decided to clean my house. So after eating dinner and avoiding it for a little while, i got down to work. My house looks a lot better. the pile of papers in my family room downstairs is now all shredded and thrown away (all 13 gallons of paper). and it only took me 5 hours before I called it a night.

I was also very handy today and used my power drill again to remount the pull back spring thingy (it fell off when i was leaving in the morning). So I moved it a little further and then drilled the screws in. I felt so handy. And that drill is freakin cool.

I also got Futurama Season 4 (which I preordered like a month ago) and I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'll also have to set aside some time or something to take it to my parents so that Isaac can see them.

I finished this cool little weather thing. It pulls and XML file from the National weather service (at most once an hour) and then displays current weather conditions for various cities. this is for the new intranet we've...oh who am i kidding, it's all brandon...other then the weather thing. I'm really glad he works there with me. He makes my life a lot simpler. I couldn't imigine being the only person there...I would've probably gone totally insane a long time ago.

I'd also like to thank Jen for cheering me up yesterday. I was kinda in a downward spiral there emotionally (like I haven't had in a long, long time) and her words of encouragement kinda put a few things in the right view.

Upcoming, on labor day weekend, I've got my former co-worker and current friend Jared and his fiance Kari's wedding here in the Des Moines Metro. this should be fun, i haven't seen jared in I'm looking forward to it.

In October my friend Clif is getting married to Sara. And that'll mean another trip over to Cedar Rapids, hopefully I'll have my new sunroof by then.

I've been using my blender a lot recently. Making myself fruit smoothies. Last time it was an orange juice (tropicana) base with a couple of bananas and strawberrys and a few cherries in it. And tonight I made one that was a slight orange juice base with 4 bananas and a few stawberrys and a whole crapload blueberrys. Both tasted pretty good...although the strawberries and orange stand out in both and kinda drown out the taste of the blueberries.

I should make a nice meal sometime...I've been having the urge to cook something a bit more complicated lately....maybe some weekend I'll do it.