Not so young anymore

So I got picked up by Courtie, and we headed over to Josh's to celebrate his birthday. It was a great time. I gotta play Doom 3, which I must say is beautiful. It was all about hanging out throwing a ball around, getting a frisbee stuck on roof, sitting around chatting...and eventually playing apples to apples.

After the apples to apples game kinda imploded most everyone left. It was me, Drew and Josh and eventually Courtie brought back mikey G. We ended up watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force...well they did...I kinda ended up passing in and out of consciousness cause I was pretty much exausted. I finally got home around 4:30 in the morning.

I remember being able to stay up to all hours and be fine...but now...I guess it's a combo of being not so young and not so much of a caffiene fiend anymore.

Anyways, thanks Josh for having a birthday party (I hope it was fun for you) and thanks Courtie for giving me a ride to and from the party.