rembering and car wash

So since I had nothing to do this afternoon I got all gussied up and visited the Des Moines Stake's 6th Branch (the Single's Ward). Where it brought back a lot of memorys and didn't totally bore me to tears, I did remember why I stoped going. I don't feel anything there. Sure they are trying to fellowship me, sure they are nice people, but myself I just don't care. I remember as a child enjoying it and the stories and I really wonder where that went. I always knew that I had questions...even when I was young, but I don't remember ever having the feeling that was described to me that I was supposed to have.

Sure the messages can be good. Today they talked a lot about doing service to others and your community and I can't deny that it isn't good advice, however, you don't need to add a bunch of things around it to make it a good thing. I think part of this was brought up by reading through Courtney's old journal entries. She had an entry about how she didn't believe in the story of creation any longer. She now believed that it was just a story.

Religion is very important to a lot of people and I totally understand why it is. If people want to be religous that's fine by me. As long as they don't try to limit or take away my rights as a person. If you have beliefs and you think people should be a particular way, then set an example. You don't need to legislate your beliefs, because this life is all about making choices. Good and bad ones. If someone makes a law that says you have to do something in a particular way, then it's not a choice anymore.

The building is brand new out in Waukee...way on the west side of des moines (past west des moines). It's actually just got finished being dedicated (tonight at 7).

Anyways, on my way home I stopped at the Executive LASER Car Wash. It cleaned my car pretty well and I also vacuumed up my carpets (which had some grass on them). So now my car is all sparkley again. $9 for the wash a dollar for the vaccum...not so bad.