last few days

So in making plans for the weekend, I know brandon and I wanted to do 2 things. First, visit Oktoberfest and the tapping of the golden keg, and second to see Shaun of the Dead. We did accomplish one of those. Apprenlty the closest Shaun of the Dead is playing is Omaha or Minneapolis. I find it frightening that we had so many screens in this town and a movie that I've seen lots of commercials for and want to go to...i can't cause I'm not willing to drive a few hours to see it...What kind of crap is that?

Oh well...what can you do?

So Friday, Brandon and I left work around 3 to go home and change and make it downtown by 4. Brandon picked me up in his XB (Which now has the license plate: CYON XB. So that's cool. And we headed dowtown. We found a good parking place and headed over to the tents. Just walking over there you could smell the beer and hear the polka music. So to get in was $5 and a mug was 2$ and tickets were 4$ it wasn't exactly a cheap night out. But it was fun. The first band (polka) played a lot of melodys that I recognized from the marching band playing them (like: In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here, and roll out the barrel). And the second band was zydeco and their band name was "We're late and we smell like beer". It was good solid grooving music. Eventually Kelli and later Matt showed up and joined us for the festivities. Around 10:30 (we had been there since just before 4) we headed over to Zimms. We met up with Kevin (co-worker) and his wife. Brandon and I ate, and watched Matt, Kelli and Kevin play pool. Eventually I got tired and Brandon and I headed home. We both made it home save and sound...and shortly after making it home, I crashed and didn't wake up for a while.

Saturday, I went over to hang with the Josh. We played video games, watched movies, got some pizza, and just hung out at his pad all day.

It's been a very fun weekend so's to bad that it's almost over.