Sunday Night Laundry...ultra violence and DII

So I'm sitting watching a movie, waiting for laundry to get done, and I get a message from Josh and he convinces me that since he is bored and I should come over and play some Diablo II. Ok, so it didn't take a whole lot of convincing. So I folded my whites, put them away, packed up and headed over.

I got there and I see Jen's car running in the driveway. I head in, and she's there and they're about to head out to go get something to eat, but Josh's mom convinces her (since both josh and I had just eaten) to get fed there. So Jen has some angel hair pasta, and I have some cornbread muffins (yummy), and we head downstairs. Josh and I start talking about violence in movies, specifically in A Clockwork Orange and how we have both had experiences with women who have walked out of the movie (which at the begining makes sense to me, but Kubrick doesn't use the violence portrayed in a non useful sense). We also thought that if the would've watched the end of the movie, then they'd understand why the violence was used. Jen joined us downstairs and joined in the conversation, and we convinced her that she should stay and watch the the movie.

I really wonder what that movie was like to see on a big screen. Just the diffrence in detail that I noticed between my 25" TV and Josh's monster of a TV was amazing. I'll admit that I did fall in and out of sleep a few times, and just avoided getting clobbered with a pillow...

So after the movie, Jen took off to go home, and Josh and I setup and played a couple of hours of Diablo II and I left his house at 12:15.