So last night or so

So I took a bunch of muffins into work on Tuesday, and didn't just set 'em out in the breakroom, like some people do, I gave them to selected people, and got their reactions (I brought like 8). Reactions seemed to be first shock that I made muffins, and a bit more shock that they were made from scratch and then positive comments about how they taste. One person, even took the one that I was saving for Brandon as a second.

So that made me happy that it turned out.

I got home, after working a bit later then normal, and Dusty showed up (and got a muffin), to check his SATA controller with my SATA drive, looks like the controller was bad, so as he was about to leave, Dave (who also had a muffin) stopped by, seeing dutty's car, and he got a muffin. We all watched part of Shaun of the Dead that he missed in the dvd he rented (bad part of the dvd), and then they both left to CompUSA.

A bit later, Jen Showed up, and had a muffin, we talked about a few things, and then Dave and Dusty got back, so dusty stopped in and said hi, then left, and jen and I talked a bit more, and then she took off for home.

So I was about to sit down and play some animal crossing, then josh suggested I should come over, but it was kinda icy, so we played a little DII across the wire and finished ACT I of the hardest level.

At about midnight, he went off to do homework and I went off to read and sleep.

I've been reading the first harry potter book, and I'm almost done with it. It has been a fairly quick read and is kinda fun.

Tonight I'll be heading down to the Mews for another music show...the second one of the year.