A note on honesty

So this year one of my goals is to be more honest with myself and others. And part of this will include me being more honest in my journal. Sometimes I censor myself on myself on my website, cause I know that my family reads this site.

Now I just want to say that I am not challenging anyone's beliefs or choices, and do agree with many of them. But as life turns out, it's not what has been right for me and my life at this time, who knows what will come later, though.

I do do things that would not be appropriate for for my younger brothers to do, unless at the age that it is legal for them and they make the choice to do so.

Some of the choices I've made in the past haven't been the wisest, some haven't even been legal, but I don't regret most of them.

So as a point of interest, no more editing to keep it PG or PG-13.

Something that was pointed out to me is that this is my journal and it's a record of the things I do and the feelings and thoughts that I have, and it should be an honest one.

Not that it will change most journal entries that much, but others, like new years, for example, would've included a bit more, even if it's hinted at (and the pictures kinda show).

So that's out there now, I guess.