Cooking, Movies, fun and the longest game of trivial pursuit ever

So the first thing I cooked in my new pots and pans, was some campbell's thick and chunky chili...and just heated it up. That was uh...Thursday.

So, Friday, after work, I sat down, goofed off a bit, thend headed over to josh's and then we headed over to see Coach Carter and we met up with a big group of people. This included Jen, Adam, Tiffiany, Will, Jen's friend uh..eric?, and a few friends from Grandview. We all bought our tickets, but by the time that Jen and Eric(?) got there, the 7:05 showing was sold out. So we changed in our tickets and got them for the 9:40 showing. The nine of us headed over to Villiage Inn, and ate dinner. And then we headed back to the movie theater and hung around for an hour or so. About 30 minutes before the movie started, I got a call from (new) Jen that she was done bowling, so I bought her a ticket and she headed over. The movie was good. I enjoyed it. Taking a group of boys and turning them into men, sticking to one's beliefs that if things can't be done right, then they shouldn't be done that way at all. I think Jackson played it fairly well.

So we decided we'd head back to Josh's for some Trivial Pursuit or Scene It or whatever. We lost quite a few people in the trip to Josh's. It was Josh, Will, Jen, (new Jen) and myself. I had forgotten on New Years to open this bottle of Sparkling white wine I had bought. So Jen took me over to my house and we headed back to Josh's. It was Piper Sonoma Methode Champenoise BRUT. I pretty much split the bottle with Jen, although Josh and (new) Jen sampled it. I thought it was good. But a bit dry for my taste, I guess. Jen thought the same. Next time I will go with something a bit sweeter. So we played Scene It, and after that, we decided that the things in Scene It were getting a bit repetitive so we'd get the expansion to it. We headed to Walmart, they didn't have it, so we decided that we wanted to play 90's Edition (?) of Trivial Pursuit. During the Night Drew stopped over, but when home, and dusty came too, but he pretty much just slept on Josh's bed. So Our trivial pursuit game went from like 3 to 7:30 or so in the morning. We lost the Jens and dusty (we were all tired), but my team ((new) jen and me) had come from behind, to almost win...but after much losing and messing up, Will finally pulled off the victory. So, it now being like 7:30 AM (being up for 25 hours), we decided to watch Orgazmo, and I immediately fell asleep. A bit later (like half an hour, they stopped the movie and we all decided to sleep. But with nothing to sleep to, i couldn't sleep, so i packed up my things and headed home.

At home, I put in a movie, layed down on the couch, and put in a through quite a bit of that, and then fell asleep, woke up to the credits, put in another movie and slept...and then did this again. It was around 5:PM when I got up for real. I chatted with a few people and then Josh told me I should come over and play some Diablo II, so I got ready and headed over.

We finished Act II on Hell mode, and then I called it a night (2:AM), and headed home. I read for a bit and went to bed. I then woke up at a far more reasonable time of 9:30 AM.

I went out today to buy some stuff to make Swiss Steak in my crock pot. So it's cooking right now. I deviated from the recipie just a little by adding a few bay leaves (dried). We'll see how it turns out.