thoughts rolling around in my head

So there were some crazy thoughts rolling around in my head. But as time passed, the error of those thoughts became apparent. I think it was more related to looking for another outlet, without looking to far. I asked some questions, and my thoughts were troubled, and my mind was not clear. I was trying to defeat what I wanted all along, since I was thinking that it wouldn't be availble to me.

I guess I am over thinking things, as the dreams show. No one can tell what the future will bring, maybe the dream will happen, maybe it will not, but I know that I am happy and feeling helpful. There are people in my life that seem to be a a constant source of joy, and I am happy for that.

I am glad to see my friends doing well and making progress to their goals. I know that tough choices are being made to get to those goals.

Through the good and the bad, I will remain me. And there will always be a place in my heart for you. And the rest of the true friends that I've made.

This past year or so has been filled with some great events, great friends, and here's to life and all it can hold.