Chicken soup for the...uh...stomach

So Jen and Josh, stopped by a bit ago to drop me off some chicken soup (4 cans).


So today I've had 3 cans of sprite, 3/4ths of a bit of ritz crakers, and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I'm a bit hungry...but I'm sure that it could be worse.

So I think I'm running a slight tempature (don't have a thermometer), but I've kept all that listed down, so that's good

So today I watched episodes 5-11 of Huff on showtime on demand. then I watched The Sword in the Stone. I'm now watching Oliver!...the thing about the movie is that it could be a dual layer dvd...but oh no...sometime here I'll have to get up and flip it over.

I've started doing laundry Getting the casual clothes done and sheets and blankets (since I went through two sets last night of sheets).

I did a bit of work today (mostly just email), but then I decided that since I was taking time off, that I should actually not work...

Oh well...I am feeling just tons better then I was this morning, so hopefully i'll be going back to work tomarrow. I guess we'll see how I feel in the morning.

Thanks for all the get well thoughts and wishes everyone.