chipotle mac and cheese and peas and tuna

So I get home today, after a late (for me) day at work (6:30), and I'm booting up my computer, start the laundry, so I sit down to watch some TV from last night, and I notice that my DVR was blinking from a single 8 to quadruple 8s. I try to turn it off or on, via remote, no luck. Try the power switch on the box, nothing. Try to unplug it and plug it back in...and....a big fat nothing. so I call Mediacom and after a surprisingly short wait time, I talk to someone and they try to reset my box, now luck. so they schedule to get someone to come out...

so then after a oh...3 year period, I had mac and cheese for dinner. There was this new tobasco sauce, "smokey chipotle" and back in college I used to have tobasco flavored mac and cheese, so I got this sudden idea to try it again. I turned out pretty good :) At least I liked it.

More laundry gets done.

so I'm watching A Bug's Life and I notice, hey the clock's back on on the DVR. So I switch it over and its working...And I think YAY!...and then I think...rats! they were gonna come replace my dvr with the dual-tuner version that also has more drive space for uh...I'm gonna let 'em come anyways and replace it :) Cause it wasn't working and I'm all concerned it won't work's the reason. Anyways, I'll explain what happeend, and tell him i want the new dvr anyways.

So I was asked today by my boss (after he said you can notice that I had lost weight) how much weight I had lost, and well I didn't know for sure...but I thought it was aroudn a particular number. So I pulled out my tracking sheet that I made last year and since I started keeping track for sure, I have lost 31 pounds. that's a lot of weight. I started keeping track on 12/31/2003. So it's a little more then a year I guess. I still want to loose quite a bit more put me at or near the weight I was in high school.

The other day I stated building my weight bench...and well I got through step 1 (after struggling to find screws for the first part, which I never found, but I used some leftover screws from the washing machine). and because I haven't had time, haven't gotten beyond that, cause of sickness and lack of time. But I that's something I guess. I'll work more on it later...but I need a rubber I'll have to ask brandon to barrow his (I'm sure he has one).

Oh...and today I got my first comment (on my website not my live journal)! And it was comment spam! yay!

Tomarrow Me, Josh, and Jen are going to show down at the Mews and seeing a Night of Industrial this will be Show two of the year. It's got Terrorfakt, TheGodProject, and Flesh Keys in the we'll see how it goes. It should be fun though.