so this was kinda funny

So I was all excited last year cause I didn't have to do laundry before I finished with work for the year. So Instead I forgot all about it. After Dut, Jen and Dave dropped by and we all went down to the Best Place Ever and rented and watched THX 1138 and left, I headed upstairs to go to bed, and I look and see that my dress clothes are all dirty, so I started laundry. Do two loads of wash, put them in the dry, but don't start the dryer (didn't want the clothes to get wrinkled). so i wake up in the morning, start the dryer, take my walk (more like skate), take a shower and then get and fold my laundry.

Gotta love forgetting things.

So driving to work this morning kinda sucked. It wasn't dreadfully slippery, but it was certainly slow's supposed to be like this later today, and the next two days are winter storm it should be an interesting time.