the last of the snow removal

So sometime while I was over at Josh's (I had josh pick me up, his vechicle has 4wd) playing Diablo II, the snow plow came and cleaned off the street that leads to my driveway. So there were nice and didn't leave too much snow in front of my drive way. So this morning, I got up, pulled out the shovel again, and got rid of the snow pushed up in front of my sidewalks and what was left in front of my driveway. So now, other then being a bit slick, I guess, it's pretty much back to normal...other then the huge piles of snow on the ground.

So last night we finished of the middle diffuculty level of Diablo II for me. Josh had already finished it. That and about 5 or 6 runs at Baal in about 4 or 5 hours. By the end it was taking us about 20 to 25 minutes to got from the last waypoint, to and then kill Baal. the two swords that my Barbarian has, make cutting through things a lot easier (they do 2-3 times more damage then my previous set). This has been and continues to be a lot of fun.