friday night and future cooking plans

So last night, Jen came over, I ordered pizza, and then a friend of Jen's showed up. We ate pizza, watched Cannibal! the Musical and then they went home.

So I noticed something. If you took my life a year or two ago, and I would've been spending many nights alone, wondering what to do with myself, and now, I often have more things to do in a weekend or a weeknight that can actually be done. It's a really nice feeling for me.

Today I'm gonna go shopping and buy some cooking supplies. Canisters to hold flour, sugar, etc. Bowls, maybe some pots and pans...some baking things. Then I shall start cooking in earnest. The plan is to have small dinner parties with my friends. So invite one group one week, invite another group the next. I think it'll be fun, and it'll give me a chance to make food for others, which, by making food for jen, I found I thourghly enjoy. The only thing that sucks about it, is that when I invite Cortie over, I won't feel safe preparing food for her. I found it just amazing as to how serious celiac disease can be. I was talking to her about it earlier when I got a muffin book from Amazon earlier this week and found a gluten free muffin recipe, so I figured I'd make a batch and let her try it out, but it turns out, to my surprising lack of knowledge, that it's not just an allergy, it's way more serious then that.

So I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but Ben called me, I happened to be looking for him, and so I know he's alive now. I just need to call him and see what he's up to. Anyways...things to do today!