Central College Hip Hop Summit 3 and Bed Delivery

So after getting off work (after a much trials and tribulations with secure certificates, but Verisign's crack support and sales team made it all better), I went across the street and had a beer with quite a few other co-workers (Brandon, Matt, Kelly, Charity, Michelle and Kevin). Basically just to destress from the day. A bit later I headed home. Stopped and got gas, got some money from the ATM and headed home again.

I sat down to play some Animal Crossing, and played until Shannon called for me. I drove across town, picked her up, drove back across town, and went to Josh's. Josh and Jen were there and shortly we got in Josh's Escape and headed towards Pella. On our way we stopped for a quick dinner at Burger King and then a bit later stopped for gas.

So Jen is telling us where to go, because of the time she spent at school there and I remember a few things from the show that the Mediocre Superheroes performed there. So we park and then pay to get in the show and slowly work our way around the gym to find places to sit. (it was very crowded when we got there) So the acts ranged from hip hop to R&B to dance and etc. Some of the people up there were quite interesting, while others, well, needed more practice. One hip hop group out of Minneapolis was pretty good. The show ended with the Des Moines Isiserettes performing. I've seen them before in the Beaverdale Fall Fest Parade that goes in front of my house. Over all an enjoyable night.

So we walk over to the second part of the show, the Freestyle battle. So, I'm not wearing a coat, so by the time we walk across Central's campus, I'm pretty cold. So we all took a break down on some couches and warmed up a little before we headed into the battle. We went in, pretty much decided that we didn't want to stick around, sat down again for a bit, and then Josh and I headed back to get his car to pick up the girls (so they didn't have to walk in the cold, but we did...without coats).

So driving back, Shannon kinda sleeps, though not really, Jen does for the most part and Josh is driving. The trip home, as is often the case with trips home, seemed to take longer then the trip down did. We got back to Josh's and then I drove Shannon home and then headed home myself.

So I get home and I have a message from....Ben! Woo! So he asks for me to give him a call back, so I did, even if it was 2 or so in the morning. We talk for a little bit and He's coming down today for my Board/Card game party!


So I set my alarm and got up earlier then I normally would on a Saturday. Cause my new bed was going to be delivered between 9-11 AM. I moved my old double bed from my room to the library (now the library/guest room), stripped of the sheets and blankets and they are going through the wash. Around 9:45 or so, they show up and I show them where the bed is going and he ask's if I've ever had a queen sized bed up there, and I told him, no, but I measured and it should just barely fit. But what he was really talking about is if it would actually fit up the staircase. It turns out that with much handling and care, they were able to get the box spring and matress up the stairs and into the bedroom. The bed, well, just looks to be too big for the room, but it does look nice and I'm looking forward to sleeping on it, tonight...well...more likely tomarrow morning.

So now i get to make two beds! Woo!...Although I'm gonna get ready for the day and pick up a card table and chairs from Brandon's first before I do that, just so it get's done.

So tonight is my Board and Card game Party night. So far I've heard for sure that Shannon, Chris and Holly, Josh, Courtie, Seth and Bri, Ben (woo!), Jen (although she may have to leave early), (new) Jen, Matt and Kelly and probably a few other people... It should be a fun time. I'm hoping to get a game of cosmic encounter going between me, Ben, and Brandon (at least) cause I remember fun times of playing that game in college.

So next weekend is the State of Iowa Spelling Bee, which my younger brother, Isaac, will be participating in. So my family should be up here for a bit. it's Also the same weekend as the JDRF WalkAthon, so time is running out for you to donate. I'll not be walking, cause Courtie said she'd whoop my ass if I walked instead of going to the Spelling Bee (and she'd be justified in doing it too), but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't support the team by coughing up a few bucks and donating. The following weekend is Shannon's Birthday, so I'm not sure what we're doing yet, but it should be fun.