Board and Card Game Party and first night of the new bed

So, Ben showed up around 5:30 and Shannon showed up around 6, so until the actual party started (7:30) we played a little Mario Party 5. It was silly and fun, but we turned it off when people started arriving.

Ben brought me a present of Laphroaig, a ten year old bottle of Scotch. Which I had a few pulls off of during the night. It was much diffrent in charecter and taste then the more "normal" scotches that I have had with Seth or on my own. Had a robust sea salt flavor. It was diffrent, but I do like it. I also so that day when I was at the Drug Town Liqour store right near my house, that Starbucks has a new Coffee Liqour, so I bought a bottle of that as well.

So the people that did show up were Shannon, Seth and Brianna, Brandon and Val, Matt and Kelly, Chris and Holly, Jerry and Renee, Josh, Courtney, Will, Jen, (new) Jen, Jen's friend Torrey (sp?), Ryan, Mikey, Ben (of course), Tinker, Dave, and...I think that was everyone. So like 23 people.

I ordered Pizza, cause Ben and Josh were apprently starved.

The first game played of the night was Simpson's Clue. It was, the shortest game of clue ever. Shannon took her turn, I took mine, and then Seth took his, which then involved Seth making an accusation and...well...winning. He guessed Lisa, in the Springfield retirement castle, with the uranium rod. The Seth joked how he should make my "blog" so uh...well...he just did :-P

So Ben told his story about how he got a car speaker thrown at him while crossing a bridge. Ben is a very good story teller. Story time with Matt and Ben are fun :)

After much not playing, a few of us sat down and played some teamless Taboo (basically you just pass the cards around and everyone tries to guess what the word is, no score is kept).

Chris, Holly, Tinker, and Dave played Settlers of Catan and later played Simpsons Monopoly (which I wanted to sit in on, but kinda would've taken away from me hosting the party). Will and a few others played Cosmic Encounter...or at least tried to play, I only caught snippets of that game. And eventually a large group in the living room started to play the card game Asshole (after much arguing about how the rules work, since apprently the game is played in a number of ways). Much later into the game, I joined and by the time I was there, the presidential rules (Nice play, president) were so thick (oh what a lovely tea party we are having) that it was vastly in the favor of the president staying in the top position.

Shannon left around midnight or so and I think it was a tough night for her, considering she is a bit shy and she did meet..oh..around 20 new people. After she left, I switched to water for the rest of the night (cause I said I would).

Ben, using the new Starbucks Coffee Liquour, made a new type of drink, and if he says it's ok, I'll publish the recipe. It was kinda sweet, bitter (coffee) and a bit alcoholy all at the same time. The name...was...well it's slipping my mind at the moment.

So while things were still happening I started cleaning up a bit (putting glasses in the dishwasher, washing out bottles and cans and putting them away, etc) and I think that this is something that I'll probably start doing regularly when I'm hosting, cause it makes it seem not so bad, cause I'm able to talk/listen to other people, while I am cleaning up.

I told people that 4:AM, I was booting them all out, so the game playing did stop, but people were still chatting, and slowly I was able to move people out of my house (4:30 AM). I showed ben his bed (in the library) and I got into mine for my first short sleep in my new bed.

Oh two things about the night. Ben shouldnt' put himself down so much, a lot of people liked him instantly, cause he's a pretty cool guy. Also, Courtney is way more photogenic then she gives herself credit for (she wasn't wanting Mikey to take pictures of her with his new cell phone).

So...Sleeping on it..I gotta say was pretty restful. I got around oh..3 and half hours of sleep...and I do feel a bit tired, but I do feel rested. I was worried that the comforter and a sheet wouldn't be warm enough, considering how cool I keep my house over nights (55 degrees F), but when I woke up, my worries were not justified, in the slightest. It's quite warm in here...very much so, almost too much so. But it does feel weird, cause I'm all the way over on one side of the bed and I can reach my leg over and barely make it off of the bed. I kinda feel like a real adult being in here...

So later today, Shannon, myself, Brandon, Val and Ben will be having fact, my alarm will go off here shortly to wake myself up...or at least signal that it's time to get out of bed. After that I think Shannon wants to go bed shopping and then we're going to watch the Oscar's tonight at her apartment (hopefully George (her cat) doesn't attack my feet too much).