Shannon's Birthday Celebration

So I go and pick up my radiant beauty of a date, and she opened her present. I got her a Gene Kelly movie collection. A few weeks ago, we were looking for a movie to rent and she said she wanted to see a Gene Kelly movie, but the place didn't have any...or at least not that we could find. So now she doesn't have to look for 'em :) So we sit around and chat for a while, because we had a bit of time. We also played with George (Gracie was hiding in her bedroom). Shannon had mentioned how much her cats liked to chase after a laser pointer's dot, so I knew I had one, so I had brought it over. Watching George rip around the apartment chasing after the red dot and leaping up in the air to try to get it off the side of a door or wall.

We then headed down to Centro. The weather was cold and windy, but not a biting cold. We only had to wait for a little while, even though we were a bit early for our reservation. Now the only thing that I can really complain about that place is the noise level. It made talking pretty hard. But they have good bread, with oil at the table. Shannon ordered a glass of lemonade and I ordered a glass of white wine. So we inspect the menu, and I come up with New York Strip (which the menu describes as: Peppercorn encrusted 14oz center - cut NY Strip,with spicy diavolo sauce, served with garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables), and Shannon has the Stuffed Chicken Breast (which the menu describes as: Stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese and prosciutto, with pasta Alfredo). We both had the Centro Salad (Italian greens, toasted pecans, shaved red onion and Gorgonzola cheese tossed with balsamic vinaigrette). Near the end of the dinner I orderd a glass of Pinot Noir.

Shannon only got about halfway through her chicken, because she was saving room for dessert. I ordered a triple layer chocolate expresso cake and Shannon had the tiramisu.

So I ordered the steak Medium Rare, and it came out just right. Very tastey. The garlic mashed potatoes were just...well..heavenly. We did have a discussion about how at most places i won't order meat medium rare, because they will not get it right, but at a place like Centro you can trust that the food will come out right. The Chocolate expresso cake was also very good. I love the presentation that they have there. taking the time to make sure that things look right, rather then just glopping it out on the plate. Presentation matters!

So after dinner we were heading back towards her place, and I asked her what she wanted to do for the rest of the evening. She wasn't sure, but near the end of the trip she decided that we should watch her brand new copy of Singin' in the Rain. So we get back and settle in. I really do like that movie. The songs in it, the topic, it's just very fun. they really just don't make movies like that least not good ones. So there was a bit of playing with the kitties. Gracie did make an appearance and chased after the red dot for a little bit. George got a little rambunctious and Shannon had to put him in the other room and close him in (he seems to have a strong desire to attack my belts). So at the end of the night, we expressed how much better things have been going in our lives since the other has been a part of it. I really am in such a better mood since she has become a part of my life.

I left her apartment around 2:30 and headed home. Walking down the apartment halway, I was singing, "Signin' in the Rain" and I was just feeling happy. So on my way home, from a mix CD I made for our first date (where i drove her), I listened to Always with Me, Always with You by Joe Satriani, which, I think, has become permanantly associated with her in my mind. It certainly brings thoughts of her to my mind.