I think my ears are bleeding.

I went to the Taste of Chaos tour tonight. So it was a nice setup. The Main Stage would play then the Acoustic, with very little break the music would only stop for a bit...until The Used took the stage...where they...well...took their sweet time.

So the line up was like this:

Some band playing Acoustic stage when I came in, didn't catch their name. They sounded not to bad.

Underoath-(main) meh

Bleed the Dream - (acoustic) not to bad...they're drummer (not on tour with them) apprently had cancer.

Senses Fail - (main) they were ok...maybe worth checking out futher

Some band that I never caught their name (acoustic)...they were fairly ugh...

Killswitch Engage - (main) lots of metal...I think maybe something I could listen to when angry or something, but most of the time...yeah I don't think so. They had a big "mosh" pit.

Opiate for the Masses - (acoustic) Probably would've sounded better with electirc guitars, but the girls seemed to kinda swoon over the lead singer.

My Chemical Romance - (main) They were the reason why I was there for the show, and I don't think I was disappointed. They played the songs I wanted to hear (except for one on their first album). Lots of crowd surfing by the kids. Lots of interaction with the crowd from the band and the other way around. Very good stage presence. They play I'm OK last, and it was probably the crowd favorite of the night...there were times where you couldn't hear the singer over the crowd's singing along. Good times.

The Used - (main) So while they were setting up the used, I headed to the back of the Ballroom, cause I knew I didn't like them too much. So I waited for them to start...and shortly after I left.

So, over all notes of the show. All the bands had at least good stage presnce, something you don't often get when going to a local show. I don't think I have ever seen so many people break the "Don't be that guy" rule, by wearing the t-shirt of the band that they were going to see. I felt really old. Other then parents, I was probably the oldest one there. and a lot of the people there just seemed really young to me...

So before the show I took off from work a bit early, with the bossman's permission, and headed down to the Forest Ave Library to help with Youth Incentives (run by my friend Jen). I helped a young man read a short book and part of a simpsons comic book and then read to him for about 15 minutes. It was nice.