da weekend

So Friday had to be a short night, since Shannon had to work Saturday Morning. So Shannon came over here. and I drove her car (it was making a funny noise) to dinner at Mandarin here in Beaverdale. The food was pretty good. After dinner we headed back here and watched On the Town, with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. So in the middle of the movie, josh calls and tells me that they (Josh, Jen and Courtney) got back from seeing The Ring Two. So I tell him that we're watching On the Town, a 40's musical, and he told me that I should come over cause the movie was "gay". Needless to say I didn't go over at that time. So we finished watching the movie, and watched some of the extra's from the film, one of them being the trailer. The and the end of the trailer it stated that the movie was, and I quote, "Twice as gay, as Anchors Away". Which, considering the comment, made it extra funny.

So we made our goodbyes, and we go to leave, me over to Josh's, and her to home and bed. So I'm sitting in my car, and she waves at me. Apprently when I parked her car, I had pulled the parking break up, just a little much, cause she was having trouble getting it to release. So I reached through the passenger side window and released it for her.

So I follow her down Franklin, and I thought of something. So I called her home and left her a voicemail:

Good Night,
Sleep Tight,
Don't let the Georgie bite

So at Josh's, I got there, and well...Jen and Courtney were already sleeping on his couch. They were in the middle of watching Donnie Darko. So Josh and I try to wake up the sleepers. Not so much luck there...but eventually through much poking and some loud music, they wake up. We take a walk through trails behind Josh's house over to the Hy-Vee and Josh got himself a bottle of Captain Morgan's Private Stock and me I drooled over their fine selection of scotches. We headed back to Casa de Josh. Courtney went back to sleep and we decided to break out Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition...and not play, but just kinda ask the questions. Around 1:30 I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I decided to go. Ryan came in, on my way out.

So Saturday. I get a call, and head over to Shannon's. We hop in her car and take it over to Freedom Tire, to get an estimate and maybe to allow them to work on it, if the price is right. So we dropped it off, and we walk back to her apartment. So she had some errends to run, so we head over to Super Target and she collects some things to buy. On our way out of the store, we run into Chris and Holly. We chat for a bit and then head out. So we head back to her apartment, and put her things away. So they called with an estimate, and it was acceptable to Shannon, so she put them to work. It was a bit early, but we were both hungry, so we headed over to Paradise Pizza and ate a late lunch/early dinner. When we were about done eating (she and alfredo ravioli and I had a sausge and pepperoni crock pizza), they called and the car was done. So we head over there, pay the man (who remembers my old '88 Honda Accord and joked about how they sometimes felt sorry for how expensive that my car could be) and head back to her Apartment to drop off her car.

So we headed over to my house, and got this letter I had recieved in the mail that was equilivant to two free movie passes at the Jordan Creek Century Theater, and head over there to see Robots. We missed the 5:25 showing by just a few minutes, so got tickets for the 6:15 show. So we wander around the mall for a bit and eventually head back to see the movie.

The movie was good. Not as good as Finding Nemo, but still an all right movie. I liked it visually and some of the scenes were really cool, however, the plot was kind of lacking, the ending could've been better.

So after the movie, I called Josh. He had called me earlier and wanted to go eat. But since we were about to eat and needed to be over there for her car, we told him we could meeting him for soemthing after the movie. So we headed over to Josh's and watch the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, while we are waiting for Jen to come by. So when we got there we headed over to Brick Oven. They ordered a pizza and we ordered brownie sundays. I like that place. Even though I normally perfer a thick crust or Chicago style, but they do make a good thin crust pizza. Their brownie sundays were good too.

So we headed over to Hy-Vee, because Josh needed to pick up some cheese for his mom. We walked over and I drooled over the scotches again, but didn't buy any.

We headed back to Josh's and sat down and watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. At some point during the movie Shannon, Jen and I fell asleep. So when I wake up and see that Shannon is sleeping next to me, I nudge her and ask her if she wants to go home, she says yes, but since there is only about 20 minutes left of the movie, we decided to wait it out.

I take her home. I give her a backrub and a foot rub and we make our good byes and I head home.

So she's coming over today and I'm looking forward to it.