I finished off my laundry this morning. Over yesterday morning and this morning, I did 2 loads of business casual, 2 loads of whites, 3 loads of casual...lots of laundry.

Anyways, Shannon came over and brought over An American in Paris and The Blues Brothers. So we watched An American in Paris first and then The Blues Brothers. While watching The Blues Brothers, we used one of my two coupons to get a free pizza and got Grilled Chicken and Bacon and some cheesesticks.

So out her movies, we hit my stash and went for Election. So watching Election, my parents called and I talked to them for about 30 minutes. Sometimes I wonder if they have a timer and decide to end the call when the 30 minute mark hits.

So tomarrow Shannon has a job interview. I hope it goes well. She's trying to find something that maybe pays a bit more and has benifits. In May, I believe, we're gonna be going to Cedar Rapids to see her newphew in dance. Which means that's when I'll be meeting her family and she'll be meeting part of mine. It should prove interesting.

So after the weather, she left to go home. *sigh*