beautiful lady/day/time

So it was warm enough to day to open the windows in the house, to wear shorts, to walk outside, to have the sun roof open, to roll down the windows and to just be active.

So I get a call, and off I went to pick up Shannon. We headed up around park avenue and I showed her where I work and approxamatly where I work (didn't have my badge to get in) and the generator that the building has. After that we headed down to Gray's Lake. Apprently a bunch of other people thought the same too, because parking around it was just...well...there was basically none. We walked around the lake (about 2 miles) and then headed to Bauder's to get some ice cream. It was, however, closed. So we headed to Jordan Creek Mall instead.

I got myself a USB2 cable for my iPod at the Apple store and then drooled over the Mac Mini. We wandered around the mall, getting Ice Cream at Cold Stone and stopping at stores that were wide and varied as Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, Osh Kosh, and etc. We left the store and went to check out the big Bed Bath and Boyond out there. I ended up getting new shower body wash thingys and some chair things to procect my wood floors from the chairs and table in the dining room.

We then headed back to Shannon's. She returned a call to her mom, and they talked a bit while I played with George. We watched Super Troupers. We switched over to the TV and watched a few things, and settled on the last 30 minutes or so of Office Space and then the first hour or so of Not another Teen Movie and then we noticed the thunder and lightning out doors. So we switched over to the news. After the news was over, and we made our good byes, which are getting longer, I left. So I sat down in my car and saw her silhouette against her blinds, and it just was really pretty.

So now I shall close my windows before it gets much colder, and head to bed.