this weekend and journal

So this past Wednesday marked the one year anniversery of my journal. It all started off as a way for me to keep track of the experience of buying a house...and now it's kinda a confessional, kiinda a log of my history, and deffinatley part of my life now.

So Saturday afternoon, Shannon comes over, and we start hanging out. We played some Bocci (I lost), hung out, ate dinner (burgers), watched a movie (Finding Neverland), tried to watch another (I heart Huckabees), but by that time I was very tired (only got 3 hours of sleep) so we went to bed.

So we got ready for the day, and headed over to eat at Wavland Cafe. Quite good, I like that place. We had to wait to sit down, but it was worth it. Afterwards we headed to Shannon's to check on her kitties and then went shopping. Shannon neaded to buy some shorts for summer and some shoes for work and I needed to get some pants for work. It was fun, and between the half off and the 20% additional off (with a coupon), they were quite cheap. We hit Kohls, Valley West Mall, and then Mearle Hay Mall. Afterward, she had two new pairs of shorts, and new sneakers for work, and me with a new pair of pants for work.

So I made us brats for dinner. We watched a few things, napped on the couch, watched a few more. Talked about her lease and maybe moving in June and other things. Eventually she did have to go home, so after the weather, we made our goodbyes, she left and I parked my car in the garage, because it may storm and hail tonight.

The weather today and yesterday was just down right awesome. It hit 78 today.