So Saturday around 4 I got a bit dressed up and around 5 I called shannon to see if she was ready. So after almost forgetting the tickets, I headed over to pick her up. She was very dressed up, and this was the first time, I think, that I had seen her in a dress. Very beautiful:

So after a bit we collected her things and headed over to Cool Basil in Clive. It was quite good. I was impressed. My boss had suggested it, so I tried it out. He also suggested the dessert of Thai Custard with sweet rice (which I had), and that was good to. Shannon had the fried banana, which was also good. So since it had been raining off and on, we headed over to my place on the way downtown to pick up an umbrella. I also started some laundry (since dinner took shorter then I thought it would, we had time). Eventually we headed downtown. And other then walking to my house from the car, we really didn't need the umbrella, since we parked in a parking garage and use the skywalk to get to the Civic Center.

So we sat in our seats at the end of row "U", which proved to me to be a bit annoying, since we were there early enough that most of the people on the inside hadn't sat down yet, so I spent a lot of time standing to let people through. But that's all right, the standing up and sitting down to be polite is quite fine by me. The show started up with a dance contest, on the stage with audience members. It was quite silly. An older couple won one set, and a little girl won on the other set. The show started and was better then the last performance I had seen...but then again that one was a high school showing of it. It didn't really captivate me like some other musicals have. And it was ok. Certainly not the best thing I had seen. I wasn't really expecting it to turn into a Frankie Avalon concert after the show either. Spending the time with Shannon made it all worth while, though.

So after the show and the traffic jam in the parking garage that followed, we headed back to my house. We got ready for bed. We headed downstairs to watch Project Greenlight that had been recorded earlier in the week and then a new episode of Enterprise. I fell asleep a time or two during Enterprise. So we headed to bed.

I think I sleep better when she's around.

So we finally got up and ready to face the day and around 12:30 headed over to the Machine Shed to have a brunch. By the time we got there, however, brunch was closing, so we had lunch instead. They give you quite a bit of food for the money they charge, and after getting stuffed, we headed further west, got my car washed, and then headed to her Apartment to feed/visit with/clean up after her kittes. Here is a picture of George (the less then one year old, male):

We then headed back to my house and then watched Oceans 12. The movie was least after the end of the movie, which tied it all together. We just kinda hung out for the rest of the evening.

So when it was suggested that we move in together (by her mom), I had a lot of fear, because it was introducing something that I had never been a party to before. But the more time that I spend with her (I've seen her, at least for a couple of hours, for the last 9 days) and we'll try to continue this (until Friday, when I'm going to see Atmosphere), and the more time I spend with her the less I fear this whole probability, which is probably a deffinately unless something unforseen happens between now and June, when her lease is up. There have been other things that I was fearing, cause I have had little to no experience in that area, but I am getting good reviews and passing my tests, so that's good.

So this morning, I got up for my walk and I have sore muscles (from over work), I caught Shannon's sore throat, but I walked anyways (my rules are that unless I'm almost dead, it's raining hard, way to cold, I have to walk). I've had to call a few people today at work, and well, I think I sound like I just got my tounge pierced (which I didn't, nor would I). Even with all that, I still feel good and had a great weekend.