Trip to Omaha to see....Atmosphere!

So I left work a bit early, came home, changed and headed over to Josh's. Then we hung out until it was about time to go, and then we made sure that Jen and Ryan were on their way. So we headed out. I was driving. We stopped at Burger King on our way out of town. I set the cruise and we traveled. After getting used to driving Josh's Escape again, things went a bit smoother, although there was quite the brisk cross wind.

There were a few complaints about the speed, but I was more concerned about getting to the show on time, because we did leave a bit late and then had to stop for food...and later would have to be stopping for gas.

So we chatted, listen to CDs, eventually the sun started to set over the rolling Iowa country side. It was very pretty. I kept thinking, though never said, that it'd be nice to just sit on one of the hills and watch the sun set w/ Shannon at my side.

So we got close and I didn't really look at the map that I had printed out, but Sokol Underground is really just straight off of the interstate. We got there about 15 minutes late, parked and headed in. I was still limping, but had downed some Advil, so the pain was just a dull ache rather then stabbing pain and had on an ace ankle bandage to provide a bit more support.

We got to the venue and it was underground, not that I didn't think it was. But it seemed quite dirty. After the last few club shows that I have been to being no smoking, being in a place where people were not only smoking, but smoking heavily, it really made for some eye watering and burning. The bar was also understaffed. Two women were running around like crazy, to keep up with what seemed like a nevered ended flow of people that wanted something from their not to great liqour and bottled beer selection. The ceiling was painted black, like the walls.

When we arrived, there was someone on stage...but they...well...weren't rap and weren't very good. I never did catch their name.

Next up was P.O.S. from Rhymesayers. I was fairly impressed. Most of what he said was very heavily political and very insightful, I will have to add it to the list of artists to investigate futher. I espically liked where he stopped the show to explain why he didn't like people making out/grinding during his show, because his lyrics were about serious issues, not about thinks that you should really grind to.

The club grew hotter. The burning from smoke and the ocassional wiff of marijuana was prevelent.

After P.O.S. came Grayskul, another Rhymesayers artist. I dunno...I was not so impressed with them. It was just kinda dry, flat and boring. Maybe I just didn't connect to what they were saying.

The club grew even hotter and people started pushing in. I think I saw someone melt. Teh marijuana smoke was no longer ocassional, but only often beat away by cigarette smoke.

Atmosphere finally took the stage and Slug took control of the room. It is the kind of control and presence you expect out of a well seasoned vetran of the entertainment business. I was fairly amazed. A sense of humor that I get, lyrics and beats that make you wanna dance. And an attitude that expects more out of the audience then your average crowd. He had warned this group of people down fron that they should stop screaming like he was Justin Timberlake. Later, he actually pulled these two young ladys out of the crowd, and kicked them out of the club. The cheers from the crowd were quite loud. When he pulled out Trying To Find A Balance, the crowd went insane. After it was over, they said that it was the first time they had done it on this tour, which I find surprising, but none the less it was an amazing performance. At the end, he broke into a freestyle about Omaha and Skateboarding (as requested by a few people in the audience) and that was just awesome.

After the freestyle, the room lights came on and you could see the cigarettes on the ground, the bottles, some being broken, empty cups and water bottles. Quite filthy. The club only has one exit, apprently, so it took quite a while to get outside. Afterwards, Josh drove back. We stopped at a gas station to get drinks and snacks. Out of the discussion of the show, Josh said he was surprised that Atmosphere didn't play Reflections, and I agree...that's one of the ones I really like too.

After getting back to Josh's I headed back to my house and got home at around 3:40 and was in bed by 4.