being babied

So apprently sometime between my walk and going to work I hurt myself. My right heel/ankle just...well..hurts. It's not so bad when I'm not on it, but as soon as I am...ugh.

So, as soon as I got him I basically dumped all my stuff (water mug, laptop, unbrella) on the floor and got comfy on the couch. Trying to stretch out my foot from time to time. A little after 6 or so, Shannon calls and comes over, and then kinda baby me all night long. She made me dinner, brought it to me...the only times I left the couch were to go to the bathroom. It's nice to have someone to take care of you. We also started to talk in earnest about spring cleaning and getting ready for her to move in here. At around 11 she headed home.

So now I'm sitting down here...waiting for the pain killers (which I hadn't taken until a bit ago) to kick in, so I can walk up stairs and go to bed.

So thunder is rumbling outside. I like rain and thunder storms.