putting off way to long

So after putting it off way to long, I have finally scheduled a doctors appointment for next week. When I got my physicial before I started working here, I was told by the physician that gave me the physicial that I would need to go to the doctor to talk about my high blood pressure as soon as I got covereage. So now, almost 4 years later, I'm actually going there. I'm also going to talk about my snoring like a bear problem/sleep apnia too. Cause trying the breathe-right strips and the spray, although I believe has a dampening effect, still doesn't address the problem fully, at least according to Shannon.

So on 7/2/2001 I had a reading taken and my blood pressure was 164/112, which, according to this means I had/have hypertension. However, since that time, I've quit smoking, I've kicked caffiene, I don't have near as much salt in my diet (mmmm...salt) and I have lost weight. So I think my blood pressure will be at a far more normal level, because I also don't have near as many headaches as I used to get.

Although the whole idea of going still makes me nervous, I don't want to have to take a pill to feel normal (blood pressure medication). Oh well...This will be the first time I've actually used my medical insurance since I started here. I've gotten glasses, and replaced them, and got perscription sunglasses, and depending on how this whole doctor thing goes, I'll probably be getting a new pair this year too...

Anyways, me=nervous.