scary clouds, some rain, and some days

So Monday I mowed my lawn again. I had let it go for a bit to long, cause it was struggling at certain points to get over the high bits of grass. I did also do some weed trimming around the hedges, and various other things that stick out of the ground making it hard to mow. I still need to really trim the hedges in the front yard though, they have all kinds of branches sticking out of 'em. Oh well, the weekend is coming up, maybe I'll get it done then. After I cleaned myself up and ate a bit, I headed over to shannon's and we hung out for the rest of the evening. I think we are starting to get really comfortable with each other, or at least getting over some of the inante fears that we have about each other (related to inexperience, previous relationships, and etc).

Tuesday, I was supposed to go do some computer work for The Filers, but they didn't think they would be home by the time that we had setup, so we're going to postpone until we have all the ducks in a row. So instead I headed over to Shannon's. Once there, we had a few options of what to do. We could go downtown to this thing that Impact Downtown was throwing or something like that. Kinda just basically to introduce downtown businesses to other downtown businesses, or something like that. We were invited by Jen. Or we could go over to Josh's and watch Family Guy episodes with Josh, Adam and Tiffany. Or we could hang out at her place, or head over to my place to hang out. So because she felt that she'd have to dress up a bit to go to the thing downtown, we headed over to Josh's. After getting there we found out where the nearest Dairy Queen was, and headed there to get CheeseQuake Blizzards. I got Blueberry and Shannon got Strawberry. They were very good. I was actually pleasantly surprised.

So here's where there's just a little complaining. Cause the parking lot at Shannon's apartment is almost always full, where I can rarely get a space in front of her building. But that's just annoying, what I find just maddening is that they have these huge pot holes that they are not making any effort to fix. Over by one entrance it would be quite possible to damage most cars because the pot hole is huge. On the side I normally enter on, it's just a small one, but very deep. I wonder why they can't get something, even sand, just to cover the holes a bit. I guess it won't be to much longer that I have to worry about that though.

So Yesterday, I went to Youth Incentives to tutor a kid, and the one that I have been tutoring for the last couple of weeks, ran up to me to see if I would tutor him. This was a little ego boost :) After tutoring I headed home and napped a bit. Shannon came over to do some laundry, and on her way over, Jen came over to stop by. I helped Shannon take her laundry into my basement and said hello. And then listened to Jen talk about the whole Youth Incentives deal. So I was getting hungry, so I asked Shannon what she wanted, and then invited Jen to join us for grilled burgers. they turned out pretty well. I was happy with the results. So after dinner, Jen headed hope to help out her dad w/ his car, and Shannon and I cuddled up on the couch, me ocassionaly getting up to put in another CD to rip and eventually put onto my iPod and her getting up less frequenetly to move her laundry along. Around 11 or so her laundry got done so I helped her carry her laundry to her car and we made our good byes.

So this morning the clouds really looked threatening and I was afraid that I'd get drenched on my walk, but I really didn't. It did rain a little, but not so much so that it was like taking a shower, like what has happened other mornings. It was nice though. cool humid air, no glaring sun. When I got home, it did start raining pretty hard, before I could get in the shower, so I went through the house to close the windows (so rain didn't come unto the floor).

Tonight I'll see Shannon again, which will make 13 days in a row...which may be our lucky number cause month we're going to Kansas City on the weekend of the

Tomorrow I'll be headed down to Omaha to see Atmosphere with Jen, Josh, and Ryan.