I am Handsome

So The Quest Club, was quite nice. Bars on both sides of the room, smaller stage, walls painted to be like the outside, going to sky and then the stars in the balcony. Huge sound mixing board. Drinks kinda over priced (since I paid 4.50$ for a Guinness, which I wouldn't mind, if I got a pint, but I didn't, I got a plastic cup). I slowly realized that a club like this that played music, probably just couldn't survive, but that's the whole reason why I'm trying to make things happen with the Des Moines Music Coalition.

So the backing band for Handsome Boy Modeling School, who's name slips my mind, opened up the show. It was kinda groovy, kinda funky. Two keyboards, a bass player, the keyboardists switching to other intruments from time to time. Parts I liked, other parts were so-so, over all good though.

Opio was up next. Now I gotta say that that guy has some talent. He had a short set and I think I'll have to check out his album (and then make a decision on buying). Nice beats, pretty good lyrics, it was fun.

Up next was Buck 65. Buck 65 had gotten good reivews from Josh and Jen, since he had played at the Mews a bit earlier (which I missed). I gotta say wow. A combo of Hip hop beats and Rock or Country, which proves to me all the more that it's not country music I don't's the lyrics and singers...and not even all of those, but it's the singing twang and what they sing about that I find that I don't connect with. Buck 65 was one man on stage, with a turntable or two. Telling silly stories making interesting points. He had a gravelly voice. and a fun sense around him. At certain points he'd reach into his pocket and throw glitter in the air, it was just fun. I'm gonna buy some of his stuff...just a matter of when.

Then up came the Handsome Boy Modeling School. Josh had read a review of the show somewhere, I think Something Awful, that said that Handsome Boy Modeling School's show was kinda lackluster. But I was prepared to be disappointed, but was already satisfied at getting my money's worth. Nathaniel Meriwether (aka Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura) and Chest Rockwell (Prince Paul) came out on stage and proceded to take all of us through the Handsoming process. One of them, I can't remember who, came out with a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and drank from it liberally. Many guests many skits, much sillyness, much entertainment. I was pleased. Quite a few guests, and the when the guests weren't availble, they had these silly animations to do their parts. I think the highight had to be the bartender on stage. Yes that's right, bartender. I think the guy that gave it a bad review, probably didn't understand what they were doing. The big fake mustaches, the matching suits. It's like a great big joke, taken to the extreme and producing great music while doing it. At the end of their set, we had been declared "Handsome".

So afterwards, the crowd called for an encore, then called for Handsome, and then the club announced that if people were under 21 they had to get out... So it didn't look like were weren't gonna get an encore, so we headed out. We headed over to the Hotel that Dusty and Jen were staying at, which was right across the street from the Target Center. It was Le Meriden. The design of the hotel was very modern. We walked through the entrance to the elevator and went up to the 4th floor, where the lobby of the hotel was, and then headed to another bank of elevators to go to their room. While walking to the other bank of elevators we passed by the lobby bar (Cosmos)...and well I suddenly stopped and was drawn in by an astounding booze collection. So many kinds, so much money, so little time. So we went to their room, very pretty, very modern, modern facilities, modern bed, plasma widescreen tv. It would be fun to have one house in the classical style (like mine) and one in the modern, like this hotel. Of course that is asking for a lot, since this place is expensive as it is :) Anyhoo, we went back down to the bar and were gonna get a drink, but when it came down to it, after Jen bought one, I decided it'd be to pricey (cause I was gonna buy one for Josh too). So Josh and I headed out.

So we kinda *cough* forgot where we had parked, so we walked around the Target Center and then we worked backwards and figured it out. Josh had drove up, and we played 20 questions (which was really funny), and didn't have a lot of sleep the night before, so he didn't want to drive down, so I drove, but we talked the whole way, on topics ranging from religion, to jokes, to whatever, it was fun.

I got home at around 3:45 in the morning and made it to bed by 4.