playing a prank

So between Shannon and I and something Jen had sent me, Shannon and I decided to play a little prank on Jen. So now, this may be a little mean, but this kinda twisted, and that's one reason why I love her. I don't know if Shannon plays off of my wierd sense of humor, or if it's in her head to, but it brings a smile to my face.

So normally through the day, Jen and I send email back and forth. So here are the pertinant parts of those emails:

I started off like this:

So...I may be in trouble...not that I don't want this to eventually happen, but...not know...kinda makes your joke yesterday even more funny.

Then Jen responded:

....what? I mean, I know what you're talking about with the joke I made...but I haven't made the connection as to what you would have done to get in trouble - do elaborate, as it sounds like I will be amused :)

I responded:

Well...uh...Shannon's late. I'm kinda worried.

Jen responded: - I didn't even know you guys HAD! SAM! haha - I wouldn't worry about it. I used to freak out if I was a day a two late, because I've been on the pill for so long that I was like clockwork. But so many things can affect it - stress (good and bad), hormone changes, lots of stuff. But to ease one's mind, after a week I'd take a over the counter test and it would be negative and I'd wait until the next month. When I first went to college, I missed like 3 months! Talk about being stressed - but then the more you stress over it the more "off" it's going to be. Weird body stuff - don't stress too much about it. Well, I'm sure that was more info than you ever wanted about my personal life :D lol

I responded:

Well I guess I wouldn't worry to much if she hadn't already had a home pregnancy test go positive...She's going to a doctor on Tuesday when she has some time off. I am, of course, going with her, but it's still kinda scary.

Jen Responded:

Ohboy - well that changes everything, huh? eh - well, now I can't really say anything from experience, so You know, on the plus side for me - now I don't have to be so hesitant to push the catalog & parties at you guys! I was trying to keep all modest and stuff, and here you've been doing the horizontal tango....geesh!
Well, you know - wait to see what the doctor says (and make sure you tell me because I will stress out about you guys!)...have you guys already talked about your views on such situations???

I responded:

Just a bit yeah. Of course I'll let you know, and what we plan to do. We have kinda talked in general terms. I know that she doesn't really think that she's ready for kids, at this time. So this make her extra nervous. Me, I don't know if I'm ready for kids, but I'd kinda like the idea of being a father, even though I'd be satisfied being the cool uncle.

The emails stopped...apprently her email system ate my last email.

So later in the day we're driving north to the Handsome Boy Modeling School, Josh and I in his Escape and Jen and Dusty in Dusty's Prelude. Dusty had gotten pulled over for not having a front license plate and having too dark a tint on his windows, so Jen, being bored, gave me a call. I couldn't take it any longer so I told her that it was all a little prank. She was shocked, and a bit miffed, but did get the humor of it (which is good). The thing that struck me as the oddest, is that she was kinda disappointed...Why? Because she was thinking that in about a year she could be babysitting one of her friend's kids. So uh...yeah...ignoring the fact that that I've known Shannon for just over 2 months, that the pregnancy would've been unplanned and out of wedlock (something that neither of us want, we've talked about it), Ignoring all that I suppose yeah it could be disappointing to not babysit a friend's kid...

Later, on another call to update as to where we were at, Dusty had said that Shannon get's major approval points for this.

So when we met up at the show, she did give me a playful hit, and I admit that I kinda deserve it, but even so, I think everyone thought it was funny, a bit mean, but funny. Jen said something about Shannon not being near as sweet and innocent as she thought, which fought against, casue she really is sweet and innocent.