Lawn care begins

So this morning, since I'm not working, I thought I'd get a jump on lawn care. I raked a bunch of leaves from near my wood pile out into the yard and spread 'em out...and then mowed over them. They're now all chopped up nice and fine, and going to turn into lawn food. I made two passes as to make 'em extra fine, but only mowed that area. I plan to mow the rest of the lawn on Saturday.

I also pulled up a bunch of dandelions from around my flower bed at the side of the house. I also picked up a bunch of trash that had blown into my yard...which included a box, a Kerry for President sign, and someone's paystub (not mine or anyone I know).

One of these days I need to get small rocks to put under the bushes in my front yard.

So yesterday, I also had the day off, and well...did a whole lot of nothing. I did some laundry, rented some movies for Shannon and I, went grocery shopping (bought a lot of grillable stuff). I played a bunch of video games, until right before Shannon got here at around 7.

I made us grilled chipotle butterflied pork chops and peas. It was yummy. Then together, we made some smoothies w/ a V8 spalsh base, an orange, a few strawberrys, some mandarin orange pieces, and some Breyer's natural vanilla ice cream. It came out smooth and quite tasty.

Then we settled in and watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. It was actually not to bad, not as good as the first one, but still had a bit of the charm of the first one.

At around 11, we made our good byes and she headed home.

So Snoop Dogg is coming to Des Moines...Tickets go on sale at 10. But...well...they're 40 dollars, and as much as I'd like to see the Snoop, I really don't think I wanna see him for $40...The show is on 4/20...which is funny...

It is cool...I think whoever is booking for the Val Air Ballroom is doing a really good job cause they are bringing in a lot of really good acts and tours.