QOTSA!!!...oh sick.

So I know that my friends have written a few entrys on this already...

So around 2:45 or so we left my house and headed north. Josh, Adam, Ryan and Tiffany were in Josh's Escape and Dave, Jen, Dusty and I in Dave's Parent's mini-van. So the trip up was relatively uneventful. I played some Lumines on Dusty's PSP. I spent a long time chatting with Dave about work and stuff.

We got up there (after calling brandon for some general directions to get to downtown) finally found out where we needed to be. Parked ($13) and headed over to the Loon Cafe, which was pretty good, reasonable. I had a bacon cheese burger on rye...and the rye bread was really good and fresh. I had never thought about having a burger on was good.

So when we're about done with dinner, I got a call from Josh and he tells me that the show is cancelled. So initially we thought Josh was messing with us, so we headed down there, and the sign was there, saying that it was cancelled due to illness...First Ween, now QOTSA...what is this crap? Anyways, we called Josh and their group had decided to go to the Timberwolves game, that didn't sound like to much fun to the rest of us, so we talked about going to various clubs downtown and maybe the Casino, but ended just heading home.

We got back around 12:30 and I went to bed.

So they're supposed to reschedule the show and that's cool I guess...but I took two days off of work for basically a dinner in Minneapolis.