1000th Entry

So it was with much torn emotion that I waited with my brother Joseph, about an hour ago, to be picked up by the Army National Guard to go off to basic training. Where the structure may be good for him, I'm not dreadfully thrilled at the danger's his choice, so as long as I don't think think he's doing something extremely stupid, I'll support him.

Sigh... The guy that picked him up was a bit late. As Joseph told me, though, "You may wait for the Army, but the Army never waits for you."

Before that, we had breakfast at the Gateway Market. I had the Gateway Omelet (chicken, smoked bacon, tomato, onion & gorgonzola, served with toast) and Joseph had Eggs Benedict (Toasted ciabatta, Niman Ranch ham, two poached eggs & hollandaise). This was Joseph's first time with Eggs Benedict (??? seriously?), and he enjoyed it. I think that since his trip to La Mie his food curiosity has gone up and he's going more outside of his normal limitations. One thought I had was that I was sitting there, with my potatoes, and side of bacon, and Joseph was there with his fruit cup (not that eggs benedict is low in calories) and I was with in my layers of fat, and Joseph...being all fit and stuff. I guess it shows... Anyways, we wandered around the store, I showed the quality products (La Mie and South Union breads at the same store! woo!), and some of the more silly priced ones (over 100$ for a bottle of vinegar? I guess it's a nice bottle...but sheesh). Afterwards we headed over to Merle Hay Mall.

Last night, my mom and dad came over and had dinner at Chef's Kitchen and dropped Joseph off. They were going to bring Isaac, but apparently he had a fever of 102, so...he stayed home.

Sunday, Shannon and I went to Sleepy Hallow Sports Park to celebrate Jerry's birthday. It was fun...running the go carts with friends was a good time. We saw Ryan to proceed to out drive everyone (in his group) and lap everyone...almost twice...I think only one person he didn't get lapped twice... Mini golf was fun too (though their course is not near as cool as others I've seen). It was a great idea for a birthday party.... We ditched out a bit early to go home a clean for my parents coming over.