My throat hurts

So this morning Shannon and I headed down to John Stoddard to get an upper GI endoscopy for me. Things went pretty smoothly and I don't remember much of anything that happens...other then at the begining, where they put a plastic loop in my mouth (to protect my teeth and their camera)...Shortly after that they drugged me up and I remember fighting back a little when they stuck something in my mouth...but shortly after that I zonked out.

So I did get a balloon stretching of my esophagus. They also told me they they collected some samples and what not. So I should know eventually if there is anything else going on. I've also been put on Prevacid.

I've been groggy most of the day, though not totally out of it...I've taken a couple of naps, but I feel ok now. My throat does hurt, but not any worse then a medium sore throat.