Gateway Market Grand Opening (Saturday)

So I headed down to the Gateway Market to wander around and see what they had for displays and what not.

So I started from the parking lot to be greeted by Juan O'Sullivan's and a green chile paste type thing. It was warm, but not too spicy, but good. It'd be good with chips or...thin crackers...toast points...that sort of thing.

In the store wandering around they fine people from Niman Ranch. They were giving out free samples of their bacon...oh and it was wonderfully delicious bacon too. I'm glad I already have a package in the fridge.

La Quercia was there as well, giving out samples of their Prosciutto Americano and Prosciutto Piccante. I bought some of the Prosciutto Americano, though both are very good, but the Americano seemed like it would be the best in what I was planning for dinner tomorrow.

Reichert's Dairy Air (no real website) was there presenting their range of goat cheeses. I tried several and bought some roasted red pepper chevre and...I think chipotle chevre. I'll eventually try them all I guess. The small samples were very good. I'm actually going to use this on some La Mie bread, topped with some of the Prosciutto Americano.

George Formaro, did a food presentation, making some Soft Cheese and Herb Polenta and Chicken Saltimbocca with Porcini Mushrooms. It was interesting to watch him work. Certainly shows that he's spent long hours in the kitchen. The Polenta and Saltimbocca was very good, even the smalls smaple that we got. I made up the mind what I wanted to do for dinner...and picked up a Gateway Market pizza.