The Beginning of the End, at least in this house

So here's what sealed the end of the deal for Mediacom, in our house.

So it was a Sunday, the movie HD channels were out for about 6 hours. The NBC, ABC, and CBS were fine, Fox was broke, but there wasn't a football game on, so, it generally doesn't work when some sort of sports isn't playing.

So I called. I sat on hold for nearly 30 minutes before they run me through the standard scripts. Try this, ok let me restart the box. Blah blah blah, same thing same thing. There's no outage in the area, so it must by your stuff.

So they schedule a repair guy to come out. I left specific instructions that they were to call my cell phone 15 minutes before they came. This way I can jet from work and meet them here.

There was no calls on my cell phone (no missed calls or anything), no messages at work and no missed calls on the home phone. No note on the door. No nothing.

There's just so much bad customer service I can take. I'm not a big complainer. The biggest thing I've gotten was the 25% discount for 6 Months from Mediacom. Which was great...I was quite pissed though. Mostly things have been fine, I don't call every day or even every month, but when I do I don't want to wait too long. I understand 5 minutes, or maybe if it's extra busy, 10. But if something catastrophic isn't happening, and I have to wait beyond that, it's just treating me like I don't have anything better to do.

So DirecTV and Qwest DSL is the choice of the day. I found out that I wasn't able to get all the way up to the 8 megabit, but only 3...but that is about half what I generally get from Mediacom, with the DSL connection being more consistent with it's speeds (checked on Speakeasy's speed test on each city, twice). I'm on Qwest DSL now, and DirecTV is is coming on Saturday. I'll be returning my things to Mediacom on Monday....unless they are open on Saturday...I guess.

Anyways, here's hoping for better customer service.