Podcasts I find comforting, in times like these

So I do not like it when things are happening that affect me that I do not understand. So over the past few months I've been adding more and more financial information to my podcast listening.

Planet Money: Answers questions, covers issues, explains ideas and concepts that are often very complicated. Generally posted weekdays, special for this financial crisis.

Marketplace: Weekdays after the markets close. General market news, in depth stories on various financial topics. I generally listen to this when I make dinner.

Marketplace Money: Weekly show, many topics, lots of good coverage. Updated Weekly.

Marketplace Morning Report: News in the morning, before the markets open, general updates on overnight happenings, quick reports on other financial markets. Usually listened to on the way into work.

Over time, I've learned quite a bit more about whats going on...and even though I can't change anything, it does feel comforting to at least know whats going on.