RIP iPod 3G (r3)

This morning, when collecting my things to head out for work, I picked up a big book to return to the library and my iPod being on top of it, slid off and hit the floor.

This, being not the first second or 3rd time I've dropped this iPod from this height, looked like it was still fine. I was able to scroll around, see the podcasts, music and etc, so I pack up and head out to my car.

In the car, I plug it in, start my podcasts and it immediately goes through each one, just blip blip blip, not actually playing anything. so I try music, and it does the same thing.

So I head back in the house, and hook it up to power and reset it...on the reboot, it came up with the folder with the exclamation point, as if it couldn't reach the mini hard drive.

Doing some research, I find that it's probably the I update the iPod that Shannon got from work and head off to my job.

So I replaced the battery in the iPod it lived a long life.

I listened to it at work, home, making food, playing video games, cleaning, walking, driving and etc. If I assume that I used it 40 hours a week for 5 years, it'd be a life or 10,400 hours or 433.3 days of use.

It is kind of funny that I'm now using an iPod nano 3rd generation (Shannon's) now...

So now comes the big decision, do I wait to see if I can get one for Christmas, or do I just go out and get one...considering I use it so much. Plus I think that Apple would give me a 10% discount if I went in and bought a new iPod.