Updated Drug Summary

Cozaar 100mg + 25 mg HCTZ (couple of years)
Benicar 20mg + 25 mg HCTZ (couple of weeks, switched because bp was getting higher)
Benicar 40mg + 25 mg HCTZ (couple of weeks, felt tired all the time and like someone was constantly punching my kidneys)
Avalide 150mg/12.5mg (couple of weeks)
Avalide 300mg/25mg (couple of weeks, again felt tired all the time and eventually like someone was punching my kidneys
Avalide 150mg/12.5mg + Metoprolol 25mg (couple of weeks)
Avalide 150mg/12.5mg + Metoprolol 50mg (~3 months, felt tired a lot, near constant headache...obnoxiously so sometimes like stabbing pain usually localized on one side of the brain or other, mild most of the time)
Avalide 150mg/12.5mg + 12.5 HCTZ 6 months For BP, under control
Prevacid 30 mg 6 months, for acid reflux

New Addition (first Pill today)

TriCor (fenofibrate) 120 mg has been added to control my triglycerides. The side effects seem to be fairly minor, though I'll not be thrilled to be woken up by abdominal pain, if it happens to occur. I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm supposed to go in for labs in 3 months and labs + doctor in 6.