Des Moines Obama Rally

So Jenny came over from Cedar Rapids, and Shannon, Jenny and I headed down to the rally being held over in the East Village. So we went down a bit early (I was going to go down earlier, but since I heard that they were just opening up the gates at 7:30 and that Obama was probably not gonna speak until after 9:PM). So we waited in line...which eventually started moving slowly. We were hit up by people selling buttons, t-shirts and to sign up to volunteer (which I believe all three of us were). Then hit up by Fallon's Campaign, Boswell's Campaign, and Americans For Health Care (sponsored by the SEIU) (didn't sign their stuff, since 1. don't like the SEIU (seems like they are a union to protect unions rather then to actually make reasonable demands to companies about employee rights and benefits) and 2. I'm not a single issue voter, because being a single issue voter is BS).

The line wrapped around a few blocks, crossed a street and wrapped around the blood center. When we finally got up to be searched by security (kinda like an airport screening, but not as invasive, since you don't have suitcases with you). We got ourselves placed with a semi-obstructive view of the staged. We listened to a local band Faculty Lounge (they were ok), then the Isiserettes performed for a while (they're always fun to see). With much more waiting we eventually heard from a few from the Obama campaign. Found out there was representation from all around the state. We noticed the Secret Service, Des Moines Police, and their STAR team, with snipers on the roofs of the surrounding buildings.

Eventually a bit after 9:PM, Obama finally took the stage and gave a good speech (like he always does), announced that he had the majority of the delegates (to a roar of applause) and was very complementary to the Clinton campaign. After the speech was over people started to leave, and so did we. Lots of waiting, but it was still fun (lots of people watching, a very diverse crowd (especially for Iowa)).

Watching the events on the both of the decent local news (8, and 13), we saw that there were protestesters, but obviously they didn't know a good location to pick, because I never saw them (in coming or going). We headed back home, and after a little sit and drink water time, Jenny headed back to Cedar Rapids.