Long and relatively busy Memorial day weekend

I took Friday off, to make it into a four day weekend, and Friday was my lazy day, for the most part, I did make it out of the house to run an errand or three, but beyond that, I mostly stayed at home and goofed off.

Saturday we met the Mattas at Blank Park Zoo and wandered around the zoo with them and their girls and Jenny's mom. We got to see the elephant and it's baby and doing the tricks. Saw some more, including the jellyfish. It was pretty fun. We split up, they headed off to the mall (to wander and play for a bit and go to target) and we went and got dinner. We picked up quite a bit of food from Uncle Wendell's. Out of a Nathan, his pulled pork got a "pretty good" and the beef brisket got an "Excellent". I noticed a difference in the pulled pork, thought it might just be me. thought I think it was better then previous times I've been there. A little spicier...maybe.

Jenny and Nathan put the girls to bed, and we proceeded to chat and goof off in the basement (Nathan being impressed and now desireing a PS3). He did mention that he'd like a Wii, to get the girls to play (wife and kids) but he wasn't even sure that would work.

Sunday morning I made a big breakfast (Nathan cut fruit for me) of bacon, sausage, french toast, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries. Got everyone all full and sent the Mattas off on their day at Adventureland. I needed to make cookies, so it didn't make much sense for us to go. The weather got all warm, the oven made the kitchen hotter and after making about a dozen and a half oatmeal raisin cookies and the same of oatmeal chocolate chip (60% Ghirardelli). It wouldn't have been too bad, if the cookies weren't so big and had to bake for ~23 minutes per 6 cookie batch. The kitchen got into the 90s...warm weather and warm oven equals hot kitchen.

Monday we packed up the cookies, some water and headed up north to Pine Lakes State Park. After we got there we had trouble finding the supposed beach there, so we called Hyrum and ended up going to the boat ramp area. So Hyrum and his family showed up 10 or 15 minutes after we had been told to meet (11:30). Then Jed and Stephanie. Then nearly an hour and a half after or so, Mom and Dad showed up (they had gotten lost) and then since they were going back and forth too much, Lovina had refused to follow them until they knew where they were going. So after dropping of my mom, and Isaac, Dad went back to get Lovina, her two girls and Joseph.

After that, food started to get prepared, but people were already digging into the cookies, since it was a bit late. People started eating. Pea and Pasta salad and a strawberry jello salad from Diane, fresh baked buns from Jed, cheese and bacon stuffed burgers from Joseph, some chips, salsa, turkey hot dogs, condiments and a pumpkin cake from my mom.

After lunch, people wandered down by the boat ramp (not much of one) and watched the lake. It wasn't too much longer after that, that Shannon and I decided to head home. We headed back up to Steamboat Rock and stopped at their (I assume) only gas station, the Rock Stop....that's right the Rock Stop. We then headed out of town and tried to stop by the Eagle City Winery and Vineyard...but they are apparently closed on, we didn't go down the gravel road, to even see if it was open. Which is too bad I guess. I have been thinking about trying to visit as many producers in Iowa as I could and since we were already up there...but oh well.

The trip back home was farily unevently.