First Chili

So yesterday, during the day, I made chili for the first time...

After making it, my first thought was, why in the holy hell have I not done this before?

Bacon then some onions and veggies, spices, 2 pounds of grass fed ground beef, lots of tomatoes and what not.

Relatively easy. I think it went off really well...good comments from Chris, Holly and Shannon seemed pleased.

I think it was a good start, and I'll go from there on to future versions. And then work on a white chili (chicken) and a soupier chili or using seared chunks of meat...rather then ground beef.

Oh and I love my Chantal Copper Fusion Pot...

I also made a Jalapeno Smoked Cheddar cornbread...this also turned out fairly well and cornbread is fairly easy to make too. I think maybe next time a little bit more cheese (recipe called for 4 oz) and maybe another quarter to half of a pepper. (and Joseph, if you are reading, I used a nice pairing knife to de-seed and de-rib the peppers and cut them into 2 or 3mm square pieces. You can see the flecks, but they're not so huge they stand out).