leftover stuff

So apparently in March, I mentioned that I loved the pot and would make Chili soon. I think my definition of soon is out of whack.

Had a lemon pastry from La Mie around lunchtime. My boss had been raving about was like a Danish (only a fluffier, flakier crust) with a lemon and creme cheese mixture...very good.

I'm not so much looking forward to going back to work on Monday, or going back on call on tomorrow. But I guess it is a necessary thing...

I went to the Franklin Avenue Branch of the Des Moines Public Library and got myself a library card. I spent so much time in the library as a child, I think it was time again to get a library...I didn't actually check anything out...cause I had a couple of ideas on what to get...but I had forgotten. Anyways, it was nice to walk around a library again.