New Years Resolutions 2009 and First Week of meals

This year we have a shared goal of not using the credit card for anything other then replacing the furnace and air conditioner (this will depend on if I use the tax refund(s) for this or to pay off my car, which will be paid off by September).

My goal for this year, is to use my cookbooks more and plan and make dinners according to the plan. Too often I'll depend on the old standbys because I feel tired or just can't think of what I want to make.

So for the week of Sunday January 4th through Saturday January 10th, I'll be cooking from The Best 30-Minute Recipe mostly.

Tonight it'll be Lasagna (not from the book, or any book for that matter) and then in no particular order:

  • Skillet Tamale Pie (pages 119-120)
  • Skillet Shepherd's Pie (pages 118-119)
  • Curried Chicken and Rice (page 110)
  • 30 Minute Pork Vindaloo (Page 83)