Proof for (the day before) Valentines

Shannon wanted to go to Proof for Valentines, and since they had a dinner on the 13th. The Menu consisted of:

  1. vegetable and goat cheese terrine/herb coulis
  2. seafood cocktail/cornet
  3. prime rib wellington/beet zabaglione
  4. chocolate pot de creme/<3

We both had the entire menu and everything was very good. I also had the wine pairings with dinner (Shannon sampled out of mine). I think the wine pairings were pretty good, though It hink the best was probably with the beef wellington, which I think was my favorite part of the meal. Not that the other courses were anything to be upset by, but I don't fix myself beets too often (one of those ingredients I'm not terribly comfortable with, because of a lack of experience), and I have such fond memories of them. I also found out that Shannon isn't a huge fan of beets, but beet enhanced sour cream is ok. I may try to sneak them into things though...though that I'm saying it here, pretty much means that she'll know...but I'll try again.

When I was a child I remember eating my mom's pickled beets...lots of much so that when they came back out, I thought I was bleeding. Oh the red dyes of beets.

We both loved the chocolate pot de creme with the almond heart shaped cookie (the <3). And it wasn't such a big serving, like they have at Django, where it's just too much.

Anyways, another great meal at Proof. For actual valentines day, I cooked, but nothing too special (Chicken Paprikas). The next day we headed up to Ames to go to the Legends for Bob's surprise 30th birthday party. It was all right (food, meh, they had Guinness on tap though). He was truly surprised. Over the entire night, though, I think we knew 5 out of the 30 or so