Week 8 Cooking Results

Cooking out of How to Cook Everything : Quick Cooking, turned out pretty good.

Lamburgers with Smoked Mozzarella (p 80)

The smoked mozzarella that I bought was not near as smokey as some of the others that I've had, but it did make for a nice meal. I bought ground lamb for the first time from Hy-Vee, since they actually had it in stock. Normally I go to the Dahl's on Ingersol or Gateway Market to get the lamb.

Pasta with Sausage (p 26)

This was easy and super quick to make. Tasty...reheated though for leftovers, it left something to be desired. While originally worm, the fat and juices from the sausage clung well to the pasta, but after cooling and being reheated, I was left with fat on the bottom...Though I did modify this, by using twice as much sausage (bought it for something else and ended up using something else) and added a lot more cheese then it asked for (what can I say, I love cheese).

Sauteed Pork Chops (p 72)

I bought two beautiful Iowa pork chops to make this, but ended up only using one. I thought I could do it in my 10" pan, but to my findings, there was no way I could get the two pork chops to hind in there. After it was cooked, and I made a dijon mustard sauce for the chop, I cut it off the bone and put the sauce on it. It tasted very good and was very tender.

Chicken Satay (p 57)

This was probably, by far and away, the saltiest thing I made this week... It did something that I was actually surprised that it would tell you to do. I've only read warnings about using a marinade as a dip, but this actually had you cook the marinade down. Broiling the pieces of chicken thighs that had been in the marinade was fun and quick too. Anyways the dip was good, and neither of us got sick, so I'm guessing the length of time that it spent on the stove probably killed any germs that may have been there.

La Quercia Prosciutto Americano Lasagne (movie night)

I cannot state enough how good this was. Props to who ever came up with this. The Prosciutto was amazingly good in this application. I only wish there were more leftovers.

Crunchy Curried Chicken Breasts (p 55)

Even though I didn't batter them right (I think my batter was too thick) I think these turned out very well, taste wise. Having the curry spices between chicken and the batter probably just gave them enough heat to have them jump out and be fantastic. I also made a honey mustard dipping sauce with some Frank's Red Hot sauce in it...made a nice combination.