Week 24 Cooking Results

Best Quick Tomato Sauce (p 13 Cook's Illustrated May/June 2009)

This was really good. Simple. Easy to do. Makes you wonder why people would buy out of a jar? I do it this way, and I know exactly what goes in. Though I do like my sauce to have a bit more of a kick, but it's a good base for a future riffing on the sauce.

Chicken Adobo (Splendid Table Cheap Eats)

I grew impatient, and didn't finish this properly, but even without doing it, it has a nice taste to it. I don't know if I dissected whole chicken right, but it turned out well. Shannon and I ended up with the thighs, and the breasts and wings are still leftover. Took a while, but was good.

Pasta with Instant Fresh Pesto and Balsamic Vinegar (Splendid Table email)

This was very easy and very simple. Tasty. I'm really growing to like the Balsamic Vinegar taste.

Pork Steaks with Chile Orange Sauce (Splendid Table Cheap Eats)

After marinading overnight, I cooked these up. It does make for a longer night before hand, but the actual cooking time is pretty quick. Anyways, this was pretty good, I don't know if the sauce turned out right, but it was tasty.