2010 - Week 1 Cooking Results

Swiss Steak with Tomato Gravy (p21 Cook's Country December/January 2010)

This needed more just didn't have enough. The meat was nice, but over all It was just ok.

Spicy Beef and Bean Enchiladas (p21 Cook's Country December/January 2010)

I suspect because I didn't like the Swiss steak so much, making enchiladas out of them?... I think the several other enchilada recipes that I made last year were better then this.

Chicken Paillards with Clementine Salsa (p80 Bon Appétit December 2009)

This was actually quite good...I ended up using the salsa as a topping to leftover turkey cutlets on a it added a nice set of flavors to the chicken and also to the turkey.

Penne with Lemon and Root Vegetables (p70 Bon Appétit December 2009)

I made this last night. Along with doing that I also prepped the rest of the celery and carrots so that they're all set up for easy eating. This was very good. A nice combination of carrots, celery and parsnips. It was relatively easy to make, though seemed much harder because of all the prep that I did, and tasted very good.

Turkey Cutlets with Brussels Sprouts and Dried Cranberries (p72 Bon Appétit December 2009)

Shannon does not like brussel sprouts. Sam does not like reheated brussel sprouts (leftovers). I'm actually a mild fan of the taste, but Shannon did not like the taste nor the smell of brussel sprouts. Which means that I'll probably not make anything with brussel sprouts in the near future. Overall this dish was pretty good, I thought, but as for leftovers, I ended up picking out the turkey to make sandwiches and not using the brussel sprouts (the smell of them wasn't appealing to my nose).